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I’m working on a post that will highlight all of the customizations to our company’s base image. I’ll document the changes that our organization makes to the out of the box install of Windows 10 Enterprise and will have files you can download that will help you customize your image similarly if you agree with our reasoning why we make the changes to the OOB configuration.

As part of my post, I’ll provide Registry key files that I apply to the mounted install.wim file.  I will also include the file and script I use to remove provisioned apps and document why we remove the specific provisioned apps.  Again, providing you the reasoning, you can decide if you agree or disagree and leave the line item in the file or remove it if you want to leave it in the image.

All of the changes we make, we make to the install.wim offline. We do not do install any apps into the image. All apps are added during a task sequence (ConfigMgr)