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Again… why was this seemingly so difficult to Google/Bing… I frequently have to write PowerShell code where I need to get the profiles on the computer and then manipulate it somehow… so I noticed that there’s a property in the Win32_Userprofile class called “Special” which returns “True” when it’s a system profile. I was trying all kinds of pipe options to Where-object but couldn’t get it… then finally stumbled upon the answer below:


This PowerShell script will show you how to get a list of profiles
on the computer WITHOUT including the special system profile


# Save the profiles to an array for parsing
$ProfileList = gwmi Win32_Userprofile -filter "Special = 'False'"

# or you can enumerate the profiles directly
gwmi Win32_Userprofile -filter "Special = 'False'"

# What I did was just assign the result set into the array 
#   and then used the following
ForEach ($User in $ProfileList) {

   $UserPath = $User.LocalPath
   <#-- Do something here #>